What does Inveniō mean?

Inveniō is Latin for "I discover", "I find" or "I come upon". See Wikitionary.

What is the line at the top of the "ō" called?

It's called a Macron. It is used to mark a long vowel.

Where can I read your terms & conditions?

Our terms & conditions can be found at https://xn--inveni-ggb.com/terms.

Where can I read your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be found at https://xn--inveni-ggb.com/privacy.

When will you add X service?

Inveniō is constantly looking to add new services. Hopefully it'll be added soon.

Why does the URL look funny when I paste it?

Because of the macron above the "o", the URL is classed as an Internationalized domain name. Because IDN characters can look similar to other IDN characters, they are converted in to Punycode. The funny looking Punycode URL will still work if you paste it in the browser. Alternatively you can also use http://invenio.video.

Are you affiliated with any of the On Demand services?

No, completely independent.